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Technology has enhanced us to deliver a new wave of entertainment. Streaming, broadcasting and online retail stores we have tap into a source. We like to consider ourselves as a GO GREEN” company focusing on the small men and inidie record companies. Entertainment is a passion of ours and let’s face it, TV and radio has lost their edge. MuzikResearchLab has launched a service that connects you at home and on the go – artist and inidie record companies together. These life lines are the core heart of entertainment today allowing us to reach each and every type of fan out there.

Terrestrial radio has notice the growth of internet radio and has expanded their market reach to this ever changing in demand market. Internet radio allow its owners to tap into wide reach of it listeners. This new media foundation streams to a verity of devices to name a few: Android, Blackberry, Ipad, and Nokia. These products are mobile devices as you all ready know, which brings us back to the streaming of internet radio. Internet radio can be tethered to be accepted on these mobile browsers making it accessible on the go. This means for us that we are limitless to our fans that are at work, on the train, or just on the go.

TV has always been an outlet for entertainment for years to come but technology has allowed us to go even further with TV. MuzikResearchLab is a channel of countless media entertainment of diverse culture that’s under one roof. The platform of our channel is in reach of your pocket from any mobile devices enabling you to view. Commercials are a thing of the past, so enjoy the show ads on our channel bwill be inserted differently. We are in business for our fans so you can chat with your favorite anchor personnel and tell them what you want to hear.

Quality music, want the world to hear? We can help our services include digital distribution to online mega music stores. Ring tones, singles, ep’s and albums we got you covered. We have legal service for your music to register with the right third party royalty company’s. Assigning you a UPC and ISRC number; mastering is also available for better quality higher chance of not getting rejected from retailers. Cd’s are a thing of the past join the new wave of down load cards. These are a great tool for driving traffic to your website and protects the environment and can be add to your records as sales if used in that purpose.

MuzikResearchLab given you an eargasum is what we live for. The new era of entertainment is here join the waves of our sound. Thank you for your time and hope you embrace us with open arms as a new media family.

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