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Digital Distribution


 Distribute your music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more.

 We pay 100% of what sales generate.
 You maintain your independence.

 It’s easy, fast and economical.


The service more affordable to reach digital stores

You pay little with Muzik Research Lab digital distribution of your music and get 100% of sales. Our rates are the most competitive and do not require an annual fee to renew the service.

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Up & Quality Control $ 0.75 per track (you pay 1 time)
Send $ 0.95 per track per channel (you pay 1 time)
Management fee $ 0.01 per minute of audio per month (translates into approx. $ 0.60 per head per year)
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Payment We pay 100% of what generates the digital distribution of your works


Where I can distribute my music?

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